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    Will my integrated graphics support my games



      It was my birthday yesterday and I got a Sony Vaio laptop with integrated Intel HD 3000 Graphics. I have in my system 4GB of RAM and on the Intel Graphics controller when I looked at the specification it said:

      Minimum Graphics memory: 64MB

      Maximum Graphics memory: 1600MB


      Does this mean I can play games that require in between that amount of graphics memory to play???

      And if it necessary worth mentioning I have an i5 processor.


      Please can someone shed some light on dilemma as I don't want to install a game then find out it wont work



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          I don't know what games you have. 98% of the games should start and run (performance is another issue especially in newer games).


          Minimum graphics memory= dedicated memory from system RAM

          Maximum Graphics memory= dynamic allocated memory from system RAM


          Basically, dedicated memory won't matter because the game or application can use all of the allocated memory which is more than enough. There are some rare exceptions from poorly programmed games. Some games have a memory check implemented and might scan for dedicated memory size. The game refuses to start or it blocks higher graphic settings due to insufficient memory (64MB in this case) when in fact could have access to 1600MB. GTA4 for example.

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            I Play games like:

            MAss effect 2 & 3

            a game of thrones

            Total war games


            strategy games in general