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    opinion needed about DX79SI

    Ziad Aghar

      Hi I have a few questions & didnt know where to post them. 

      Question 1:

      I bought the Intel DX79SR MB with the i7-3820 CPU & I will be installing an Nvidia GTX680 graphic card. Does this mean that the graphic card will be operating at PCI 3.0 technology??


      PS The GTX 680 is the newest graphic card available on the market today. The reason I am asking cause I read on the CPU specs of the i7- 3820 that it's PCI 2.0 but the MB has PCI 3.0 interface. So it got me a little confused.


      Question 2:

      I have an old Thermaltake Element V case which only supports USB 2.0 headers. I went for an upgrade from an X58 MB to a newer MB "Intel DX79SI". It has the USB 3.0 headers but my case doesn't. Hence, I thought that I will connect only the USB 2.0 headers & leave the USB 3.0 headers/pins unattached to anything.


      Point is, my USB hub on the case which only supports 2.0 is not working, eventhough that I have checked multiple times it was connected properly. If I plug a thumb drive a message will pop up saying that it had some sort of 'Power Surge....' & wont work. If I plug a mouse, keyboard it says installing drivers but nothing happens. The rear USB panels are FULLY functional.

      Can I connect the USB 2.0 to the front header & leave the USB 3.0 pins alone?? or could it be that I have a faulty Motherboard??

      Could the case be, that the since the Mobo support USB 3.0 I won't be able to use my USB 2.0 case hub??


      Please note that USB 2.0 & 3.0 have different pins to be attached to the case.

      I'm really sorry if I sound redundant but I just wanted to make everything clear. I have been working for days on my new machine & everything is working smoothly except the front headers of the motherboard that should be connected to the case. Nonetheless, they worked perfectly on my old MB "X58" which only supports 2.0 USB.

      Sin yours


      PS  Intel should really have a support mail, so that we can contact Intell directly. I don't care how busy there are or how redundant questions they get. You sell a product you should support it.