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    Support contact mail or contact form?


      How can I contact Intel support for desktop board by mail or contact form?


      I'm in a loop on support home. The live chat traffic light is "red" since weeks. Phone support is available in a small timeframe only (I'm not able to call at this time). No helpful answers here in the forum.

      The email technical support page always redirects me after selection of "family" (= Desktop Boards) and "line" (= 7 series) to the live chat with "red" traffic light and phone support link.

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          For North America region contact:  crmotherboard@mailbox.intel.com


          In regards to the chat availability; we will pass the feedback to the appropriate channel.

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            i seem lost, 1.. i cannot seem to find where i can post a question; 2.. do you have a contact point where i can get assistance?


            my question is in brief: i reloaded win 7 to get away from win 10 now all my 'C' drive files and folders are gone, how can the entel rapid store drive help me please

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              Are you trying to recover your personal files and folders?

              How did you reload Windows* 7? Was it a clean installation?

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                this is really old ground i supplied all questions that you ask


                yes it was a clean install which the 'intel' product should have protected itself from, no good mirroring an error that will not help and did not help


                there was never any warning window as we re-installed win 7


                i don't know what the 'intel rapid store' software cost me but it offers me no protection, i had to pay (we are on a low income base) for a tech' to do a recovery because my questions were not dealt with here at 'intel'


                the only way i can see for the future is to convert this second HDD to a backup storage system, 'intel' failed us, in an honest world we would be offered some recompense


                can i suggest to the 'intel' software developers build some protection into the program so the licensed owner can rescue himself, i don't know how many reads my problem got but involvement from others was not good


                thank you