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    Is my DH67BL defective?



      You may have to bear with me--first post, and I am no expert... Apologies in advance for unintended dumbness.


      I have built several PCs successfully, and been generally pleased. I built the last in January with a DH67BL motherboard and Intel I5 2500K cpu. Worked just fine until ~1 month ago when full crashes (blue screen variety) began to occur frequently. Tried to troubleshoot--did not seem to be one piece of software, HDD checked out OK. Eventually gave up, backed up files, and did a clean reinstall of OS (Win7Pro). That seemed to go fine. But, no drivers for ethernet or USB controllers. Tried to install those from CD that came with motherboard; express install just hung. Tried to download and run installer from Intel website--downloaded but crashed on execution. When I tried to restart, would not start: "file corrupted."


      I am pretty much at a loss. Are these indications that the motherboard has gone defective? Any way to fix something or to confirm that diagnosis?


      Many thanks for any guidance!



      Message was edited by: BT46 Oct 22: I marked Brad's second message as correct, and was then apparently unable to add another post. so, this addendum is just to document that the problem was, indeed, the memory. Swapped in some good DIMMs, and all seems well. Many thanks to all who posted! Very helpful

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          Since you are posting from another system, see if you can download and burn to an optical disc Memtest86:




          download the latest bootable ISO, burn that to a blank CD or DVD, boot from that on the DH67BL system, and run the full test. It should do everything automatically, let it run the full test, which is 8 or 9 different tests. See what happens and report back.

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            Thanks very much for getting back to me.


            Memtest has been running for ~8 hrs. Now into test #8. I am not sure how to interpret results, but the bottom third of the screen is constantly red, apparently listing failing addresses? In the line in the middle that begins with the running time, the next to last entry is Errors, and shows 7359744.

            I don't know what I'm looking at, but this would seem to suggest problems, no?


            I am about to leave for travel, so I may have to shut down the test before it finishes and not be able to get back to this for 7-10 days; but I shall get back to this machine eventually. I will post when I can. Much appreciate the help!

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              Try ruining the cpu ram and the hard drive on a different system if these parts work on a different system than your motherboard is botched.

              I hope that this helped.

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                Thanks. I understand the logic, and I probably could do that. But, I don't have ready access to another machine, so it would not be easy.


                Given the memtest results--which seem to indicate major RAM problems--wouldn't the easiest thing to try be just swapping in other RAM that is either brand new or I know is good, and running memtest?

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                  The memtest results may indicate bad RAM. I've had memory problems where sometimes just rearranging the order of how the DIMMS are installed in the sockets will correct a memory problem. It really has worked for me.


                  If you're into further testing, power up the motherrboard with one DIMM installed and run memtest on that one piece. Do that for each piece and see if you can identify a single DIMM that has the problem. If you can do that then you've identified the fault.


                  Even if you are able to identify a single bad DIMM, you need to send all the DIMMS back for replacement as they were sold and only work reliably if they are a total matched set.

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                    Sorry for the delay in responding. Am traveling.

                    I have spare DIMMs for a clone of this machine that I know are OK. So, when I get a chance, probably not for a few days, I'll swap them in and run memtest. I'll report back.

                    Thanks again. Feels like progress. Hopefully on the right track.