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    Computer freeze with this screen error


      Hi i have this problem.I have an i3-2125 and i use hd 3000 gpu with latest driver

      i have an asus p8h67-v mobo 8gb ram g-skill ddr 1333

      and powersupply enermax pro 82 425w

      i use windows 7 pro.


      The problem ( see the screen ) appear randomly...on pc on idle , on pc when i surf.


      Its freeze and i must reset pc.No events are signed on windows 7 log

      any help?  the screen is when i was using mirc



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          Have you seen if the issue happens in safe mode or BIOS screen? If it does not, then it could mean a driver issue. Try uninstalling the Intel® graphics driver and installing a different version.


          Make sure you reset the BIOS settings to default.


          If the issue appears in safe mode or in the BIOS you may have a hardware issue. Try testing the memory sticks individually


          You may also want to test the processor with the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool.



          If the issue persists there is a chance you may need to start swapping components (motherboard or processor) to determine the cause of the issue.