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    Smart Response with QM77 Chipset / Lifebook U772



      I've a problem and my distributor can't help me.

      Lifebook U772 owns an 32GB iSSD and a 500GB SATA HDD

      I've installed Win 7 x64 on my Lifebook and with the Tools of Fujitsu I made 2 Partitions on the SSD for Hibernation and Smart Response.

      The Hibernation Mode is working perfectly and saves on the SSD.

      Now I want to set up the Smart Response Technology, but the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver doesn't show me the "Accelerate" button, i've no possibility to create an array for the SSD and HDD.


      In Bios there is is the possibility to set the SATA HDD to AHCI, IDE, Compatible Mode

      I've installed it with AHCI.


      So, I think i miss a driver or tool which allowes me to set an array for the Intel Rapid Storage driver so that I'm able to activate the "Accelerate" Mode on the SSD. I would be thankful for every solution.


      Here is the same Problem allowed with Screenshots from another guy but without a solution which is working.

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