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    IDU v2.1 no longer returns temperatures on D915PBL

      Intel Desktop Utilities Version 2.1 does not run correctly on XP-Pro SP3.
      Works fine if I boot to a Win 2000 partition, but I can not get any system
      board temperature readings when I try to run it under XP-Pro SP3.  IDU runs
      and does generate any error messsage, it just no longer shows any temperature


      I would really like to get the temperature monitoring working again, since
      it alerts me to compromized system cooling when dust builds up on the
      system case air inlet ports.  I would be open to third party solutions, or

      programming instructions so I could write my own utility.  The D915PBL

      is no longer supported by phone or email tech support, so this forum is

      my only hope.


      I just tried downloading a fresh copy of IDU and did a remove program,

      install program, with no change in IDU behavior.





      Here is part of the System Information from IDU v 2.1 for the D915PBL


      ====== Board ======
      Manufacturer                Intel Corporation
      Product Name                D915PBL
      Version                     AAC67720-204
      Serial Number               BTBL42903526
      BIOS Version                CY91510A.86A.0040.2006.0926.1010
      BIOS ROM Size               512 KB
      BIOS Release Date           9/26/2006
      ====== Processor ======
      Manufacturer                Intel
      Processor Name              Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.40GHz
      External Clock              200 MHz
      Bus Speed                   800 MHz
      Processor Speed             3.4 GHz
      Stepping                    4
      Form Factor                 Other
      Hyper-Threading Status      Enabled


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