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    DH77EB 0093 BIOS issues


      I have reported "video optimize" will halt system booting in UEFI mode in 0089 version, but this problem still exists in 0093 version. Please correct the issue!!!


      As I know, "Secure Boot" of windows 8 needs onboard TPM module. But there is no TPM module built in DH77EB, so what is the meaning for this option?


      And when I enable this option, my system halt again while system boot. Anyone who have windows 8 boot

      successfully in "secure boot mode" ?


      Intel, please be a little serious and professional!!!

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          When an usb disk is attached, system boot will always halt at here with "Legacy BIOS Mode", even "Boot from usb device first" option is unchecked in bios.boot.jpg

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            Secure Boot settings, always fail to boot.10122012022.jpg

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              I am using the 0096 bios,

              at first "video optimize" boot failure is still present in 0096. If "usb optimize" is disable and you hit the F10 button, befor bios hangs, to get the Boot-menu und select a uefi boot it works with "video optimize" enabled.

              Seems the bios have some problems to select the right boot option autonatically if "video optimize" is enabled.


              I have installed Win 8 on a Samsung 830 SSD in uefi mode, the SSD is atm only bootable in UEFI mode, because it has GPT partition table.


              If i disable "legacy boot" system fails to boot, Screen stays black and the board-speaker gives out 2 long error beebs.

              I can not explain why, because anyway there is no legacy bootable drive installed and if legacy boot is enable it boot correctly in uefi mode.


              if you set secureboote to enable it set's automatically legacy boot to disable, maybe thats the reason why your system also wont boot with secureboot active.


              excuse me for my english, it is not my native language.

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                When I enable Secure boot it disables legacy boot, so my computer will power on and beep twice with a blank screen. I've noticed in the past if Legacy Boot is disabled, the computer will hang with a black screen and two beeps. I have Windows 8 Installed using UEFI mode (GUID\GPT Hard Drive),  UEFI and Legacy Boot Enabled.

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                  Hi Snervt,

                  Thank you for your supplement.

                  I understand your words and English is neither my native language.

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                    I am wondering whether the "Secure Boot " will really works without built in TPM module......

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                      I thought that only the boot sequence data will be hashed or something like that
                      and the bios decides based on these values which source is allowed to start or not.

                      If it works somehow like that, a TPM module isnt necessarily needed.

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                        If you are right, but I never succeed boot my system in "Secure Boot" mode

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                          Yes if, but i dont know, was only my thoughts.


                          It could also be right that it makes no sense from intel to activate that option on an board without TPM module.


                          I found out now why my system wont start if "legacy boot" is disable, the two error beebs mean that no video device was detected.


                          I set IGD from "allways off" to "allways on" that alone doesnt helped, then i try to set primary video to auto but doesnt work, so i set the IGD as primary device and it works, in windows my external video-adapter (Radeon 7850) is still active and working well.


                          now i am happy that i find out that, because without legacy boot enable, system is booting a bit faster.


                          i try now secure boot, i will tell you if i get managed to start Windows or not

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                            Do you mean that IGP must be actived and set to primary so that the system can works while " Legacy mode " is disabled?

                            In that way, you will have 2 video cards actived in windows, this is not I want.

                            Intel always remind us to use its IGP, even some of us never need...

                            Please post your " Secure boot " testing result here, if it really works, OK IGP in primary position...

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                              yes, i mean the IGP in the CPU and i dont need it, also like you, thats why it was deactivated till today (it is called IGD in BIOS, i tink it means "intigrated graphics device")


                              and yes then there are two video cards active in Windows, i normaly only work with one Display (conneted to the DVI of the PCIe Card) for these testings i have additionally connectet my tv-screen to the mainboards HDMI.


                              secure boot is working well,

                              at first i activeted secure boot, i also checked the "clear secure boot data" option (the "create new platform key" was greyed out) saved and exit bios and again go directly to the bios, the "create new platform key" option can now be activated, save an exit bios, boot windows and thats it.


                              ooooh the "video optimize" feature is also working now.

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                                bad news,

                                i disconnected the TV from the mainbords HDMI and the system fails boot.

                                I plug the tv back in and the system is booting.

                                Seems it is required to connect a display to one of the mainboards video-connectors

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                                  Hi Snervt,

                                  I tried several times as your instruments, finally I found it is impossible to boot successfully with a single monitor unless we abandon our add-in video cards.

                                  When "Legacy mode" is disabled, we have to connect a monitor to IGP, otherwise the system beeps and hang.

                                  I checked in bios and to supervised found my Quadro 2000D (NVidia fermi) is disappeared, that is the reason why the system always beeps and hang when my only monitor connected to Quadro card.

                                  Because it only find IGP and no monitor is connected, so system treat this situation as " no video card".


                                  I faint.....

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                                    At the moment i can life with this solution to let the TV connected.

                                    System starts also when the TV is full off, only disadvantage the display that is connected to PCIe card shows nothing while booting till windows is started.


                                    hopefully intel will fix this soon.


                                    i have one last suspicion,

                                    i think the PCIe Graphics Card has an own internal order which Port of the Card is the first to detect if a display is connected. If a display is connected to this internal as primary handled port maybe it detects the PCIe card correctly without legacy boot active.


                                    to test this the igp should be disabled and the PCIe card set as primary


                                    i can't test this because my Radeon 7850 has four connectors and two of them are mini-displayports and i don't have a adaptor to connect one of my screens to it.

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