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    82579LM - Dev_1502 - DOS-Driver - DHCP-Problem


      For unattented system installation and imaging we are using a DOS bootdisk with NDIS2 drivers and TCP/IP-stack with DHCP usage.

      We are using the E1000.DOS driver with the signature "Intel(R) Gigabit Network Connection Driver v5.67 111610".

      This works fine for the following configurations:


      PCI-Vendor-ID     PCI-Device-ID     PCI-Subsys-ID

      8086                   1502                  833810F7

      8086                   1502                  1495103C

      8086                   1502                  161C103C


      Now we just got a new notebook that has the network device VEN_8086\DEV_1502\SUBSYS_179B103C installed onboard.

      With this hardware our bootdisk does not work. It times out when asking the DHCP-server for an IP-address.

      There is a pre-installed Windows 7 on the notebook. Booting this operating system DHCP works just fine.

      So this seems to be a DOS driver issue.


      Using the latest DOS-driver with signature "Intel(R) Gigabit Network Connection Driver v5.79 041912" did not change the behaviour.


      Capturing the network traffic showed that the ethernet card send a DHCP-request-packet. After this the DHCP-server answered with an DHCP-offer-packet. But the ethernet device seems not to recognize the answer and sends out another DHCP-request after waiting a couple of seconds gets a new DHCP-offer in return and ignores it again. This happens a couple of times before the TCPTSR.EXE-program times out. So everything happens according to the DHCP-specification asides from the ethernet device ignoring the answers.....


      Does anybody have an idea what I can do about it?