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    Intel Utilities HD Setup Limitation




      I changed the configuration of my 2 HDs in BIOS to RAID. Now, Windows 7 (x64) sees this hardware setup as an Intel RAID 0 Volume SCSI Disk Device. The result is the Intel Extreme Tuning & Desktop Utilities will not show the physical disks anymore.


      Another problem is with the Intel Integrator Assistant that does not start. An error message appears saying that an error occurred, and asking to close the application and try again. In fact this software has never worked with my DP67BG motherboard, not even without applications installed.


      My setup: DP67BG, i5-2400, 8 GB, 2x500GB WD Caviar-Blue HD, Nvidia GTX-580. Windows 7 Pro (x64).


      Any ideas?