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    Difference between DZ77GA-70K and DZ77GAL-70K?


      Ark: ARK | Compare ...


      Ark says that the GAL- doesn't have a PS2 port, but the Technical Product Spec states the opposite.


      What's left, the Wifi/Bluetooth dongle, WiFi PCI card with external antenna (Well, not in the Boxed versions I saw in Europe/Germany), USB 3.0 Front Panel and a Mouse Pad. Is that all?


      So the mainboard is exactly the same? Seriously?


      Seems a bit odd to me.

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          Hello Horaxon,

          I understand that you are inquiring about the difference on the model numbers on the Intel(R) Desktop Board DZ77GA-70K.


          I can confirm that both motherboards are the same, the "L" is an addition to the model number to state that is has Gigabit LAN, but they both do. Think of it like a way to know the motherboard specifications for its model number.





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            Hello Victor,


            thank you for your answer.


            What Board Revision will the DZ77GAL have? The same, i.e. : G39009 ?

            The GA-70K has G39009-400 and G39009-401, so will the revision numbers continue from there on?



            Well, I still think its a bit odd, because we now have the same mainboard twice, but with different model numbers. And why don't have other Intel mainboards this "L", even if they also support gigabit LAN, like Intel desktop boards normally do since quite a while.



            I suppose this might confuse potential customers, but maybe Intel had a good reason.



            Serious question, because a friend has asked me for advice: Which model would you recommend to purchase? The DZ77GA-70K or the newer one, the DZ77GAL-70K ?





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              If buying the board I would look to avoid the older revision that has a USB 3.0 issue, this is acknowledged and fixed in a later revision by Intel but not widely publisised and Intel are allowing all old stock to continue to be sold until exhausted.


              Do a Google search for "Product change notification 111509-01" to find the PDF.





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                Tadashi Dalba

                How to recognize the exact  revision board? using intel board ID I can see:  AAG39009-400


                never see message "voltage overcurrent" on usb 3.0 ports.


                Is my board old rev?

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                  You have the old version.


                  If you don't see over current messages and are using the motherboard headers for USB 3 then I wouldn't worry about it, it is likely the connector you have from the motherboard is not utilising pin 10 for over current sensing, so you don't see the issue.





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                    Hello Phil,


                    thank you for your answer.

                    I have read the product change notification 111509-01 you mentioned, very interesting.

                    According to this document, both (DZ77GA-70K and DZ77GAL-70K) mainboards have indeed the same revision number ( G39009 ). To be more specific, G39009-401 before the product change and G39009-500 afterwards.


                    Now I only have to find a store having the new rev in stock. ;-)

                    By the way, what about the UPC/EAN numbers? Are they affected, i.e. changed with new revisions?

                    I tried finding some information about UPC/EAN numbers on google, but no luck so far.


                    ps: I think that I know what the "-L" stands for. The 'code name' of the board is "Gasper Light", and without the "-L" its called "Gasper", so this are basically the acronyms of the code names. Also fits with the other mainboards, RE = "Roads End", ML = "Middle Lake" and so on...





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                      Ken Gallant

                      As per the product description :

                      "The DZ77GAL-70K product is also available which is a lower priced boxed alternative shipped without the Bluetooth/Wifi and the Front Panel USB 3.0 Modules."


                      The DZ77GAL-70K (Gasper Lite) is the same board, but does not ship with the Bluetooth/Wifi and front-panel USB 3.0 modules.  For the minor price difference ($20-$30 by the looks of it), I'd say you're better off getting the standard DZ77GA-70K (Gasper) model, unless you are absolutely sure you'll have no use for the Bluetooth, WiFi, or additional USB 3.0 ports.