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    Inspiron 1525 Windows 8 VGA problem


      Alright. I've searched all over the internet for answers and couldn't find any that related to my problem and my graphics card.

      I have an Intel GM965 onboard graphics card on my Inspiron 1525.

      When I first installed windows 8, I tried connecting it to my tv through the vga output. Nothing really happened.

      I pressed the windows key+ P and it simply says "Your PC can't connect to another screen. Try reinstalling the driver or using a different video card"

      I looked up the video drivers.

      One set came from intel and the other one from dell.

      I successfully installed the one from intel and can now change my screens resolution to 1024x768 (Absolutely useless...)

      When attempting the one from dell though it says that my hardware is not compatible..

      I even took the final step of using fn+F8 in the BIOS and it did display on my screen....atleast untill the boot started.

      It showed the windows 8 logo and the spinner for a few seconds then my tv told me that the resolution was unsupported...

      My screen is completely detatched from this poor laptopand it is incredibly uncomfertable to use.. I really need to be able to connect through VGA.

      Can anyone suggest what I can do to fix this problem before I go nuts?

      Much appreciated! ^_^