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    DH77EB + HD 4000 and 23.976Hz


      This question was asked before but was never answered.


      According to reviews on Missing Remote and Anandtec back in April, the new IB processors support 23.976Hz with a 'new' BIOS and appropriate drivers.


      I have a DH77EB, i3-3225

      BIOS 089

      Win7 Sp1 x64

      Driver v 2761

      latest MEI (I think 8.0 or 8.1)


      I can see that screen resolution 1080p23  is offered, as well as 1080p24

      However, both result in a 24.00xxHz refresh rate.


      What needs to be done to get 23.97xxx (i know it won't be perfect, but at least somewhere near the ideal value).



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