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    Atom D2700MUD GPU compatibility and power

    Anthony B. Smalley

      Being somewhat a novice, I was wondering if I could use a graphics card that is PCIe v2.1 x 16 with the Atom D2700MUD motherboard?   Most cards on the market seem to be v2.1 or above...


      Secondly, most cards seems to require at least a 400Watt power supply....is this going to be an issue for the Motherboard?


      Perhaps someone could recommend an HD card that is compatible with this motherboard and a 200W power supply I currently have?  I would  like full 1080p resolution & an HDMI connector to my flat screen TV and experience no choppy visual results.  The onboard DVI outputs less than 1080p according to specs.


      Whatever information someone can help me with please...