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    vpro with no monitor installed


      Hi, first of all, please forgive my english, it's not that good i know.


      Here's what i'd like to know. I've severeal Servers in a datacenter and i'd like to get remote access to them without having an externel KVM installed. So intel vPro is the solution it thought would be great. Well it is, i can see the bios, insert an image for installation, but when the OS is booting an no monitor is installed on that server, after the initializing of the drivers i only get a black screen.


      Is there a fix for this??



      Kind regards


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          Joseph Oster

          From your desciption, it looks like you are using the Serial over LAN connection. As such the description is accurate as the SOL connection utilizes telnet.


          The solution you want is to use RealVNC, this will allow access to your servers so long as they are provisioned with KVM enabled and are AMT 6 or higher.