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    DQ77KB and Xeon E3-1275V2


      This is sort of a follow-up questions from this thread:



      I was thinking about getting a Xeon processor for this board to help reduce power consumption and keep down heat. Looking at compatible processors:




      Intel's guide states that most E3's are supported only for DQ77KB AA G40294-401. We're currently on revision -403, so I doubt the board I will be getting in the mail is a -401 model.


      Is it still possible to use a Xeon with the newer revisions (e.g. is it a matter of finding the "old" BIOS)?  Any guidance on this?  Or is anyone using a later board revision with a Xeon processor?

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          Hello Aaron,

          I understand that you are inquiring about the usage of the Intel(R) Xeon(R) processors on the Intel(R) Desktop Board DQ77KB with revisions lower than 401.


          In regards to your inquire, the list of compatible processor is accurate and it states that the minimal revision is 401, you shouldn't worry about getting one lower than that as the initial retail release was version 401 so there is no way that you get a retail version that is lower or older.





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            Thanks so much!  The bit of information that was not clear was that the revision number refers to "minimal revision".  My reading on it was that only the -401 boards would work, and later updates were not supported.


            Thanks again for your time!

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              Is there a 403 revision of this board then as i thought they was all 01 ?