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    How to set RAM frequency to 1600 MHz for DH77EB motherboard with i5-3550 processor?

    Akash Prashant



      I bought a computer installed with an i5-3550 processor on the DH77EB motherboard. It has 8 GB (4 GB x 2) Kingston HyperX RAM. The default memory frequency is 1333 MHz and I have to manually change it to 1600 MHz to fully utilize the RAM chips.


      When I try to change the speed, I get the following options:





      Along with the options mentioned above, the following parameters also show up.

      tCL = 9

      tRCD = 9

      tRP = 9

      tRASmin = 24


      The thing is that I don't know whether I should keep the last 4 parameters (9-9-9-24) as is. Also I don't know what the '12' in 12:1600 means. Please help.