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    DP67BG error E6

    Kristine Bird



      My desktop was working fine until I tried to install the Wifi driver from the disk that came with the board, now when I try to start it i get error EB ( Calling Legacy Option ROMs ) , and I also haven't been able to access the BIOS. What should I do to get my computer running again?

      Thanks in advance,


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          Not sure why installing the Wifi drivers would cause the problem you describe. Did you physically attach the Wifi module via the provided USB cable to one of the motherboard USB headers before you installed the driver?


          Another thing to try is to remove all power from the system, open up the case, and reseat the video card. The error message indicates a device has failed the POST initialization. Are there any other PCI cards installed? You might try removing them and see if you can get the system up and running.

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            Kristine Bird

            I did not have the Wifi module connected before I installed the drivers,


            also I tried reseating the video card (I am not using any other PCI cards) , and I am still getting the same error

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              If something on the motherboard failed there isn't much more to try. One thing to try though would be to do a "recovery BIOS update" There's a great youtube video from intel that shows how to do it:


              BIOS Recovery on Intel® Desktop Boards - YouTube

              give that a try, see if that gets things working.I personally own the DP67BG board, it's been very reliable, no problem updating the BIOS, it just works great. I'm also using the Wifi module on a different motherboard and that works great also.

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                Luis Serrano

                Hi Brad,


                I'm looking for similar errors but in my case it's the same ... I have a new DP67BG mother board, but when I turn it on, I do not show any images. the configuration jum I have it in 1 and 2, and the LED "WD Fire/B2B" is red. and the error code that I get on the motherboard is the Eb ... What I can do to start my pc?

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                  One thing to check, look at the back panel of your case, make sure when you placed the motherboard into position, all the back panel connectors aligned up with the I/O bracket. Somebody posted previous that it's possible to not have things line up and the back-to-BIOS button was being pressed by the I/O panel. That would cause the malfunction you describe.


                  Also make sure the processor you have installed is supported by the motherboard. We've seen problems where people can never get the board working only to finally determine they never had an approved CPU:


                  Intel® Processors and Boards Compatibility Tool - Search Results Page