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    Intel i7-2600k randomly crashes when gaming





      Have been running my Intel powered machine for a while without problem. But few days ago decided to do some gaming. It turns out my computer randomly crashes when I run games. On some its 1 min until it crashes on others its 10. Everything freezes and I get a weird constant sound and have to shut down the system because it will not respond.



      Ran a memory test and it reported no problems. Have done a fresh reinstall of the operating system with all the latest updates and drivers installed. Still got the same result. No problems when I watch high quality videos, surfing the internet.



      I have Intel i7-2600k on Asus P8Z68-V LE, standard cooling and integrated graphics. I tried to log the temperatures and it seems that they do not exceed 55 degrees Celsius. Motherboard is set to default settings. No overclocking is done on this processor. It would be great if someone could assist me on finding out which part of my machine is causing the problem. In my opinion it is to do with motherboard or processor.


      Thanks in advance,