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    DZ68DB Bios 043 : Significant decrease performance




      My computer is a Digital Audio Workstation.

      I use it under windows 7

      My mother board is a DZ68DB with a I7-2600K CPU.

      On the two PCI Express 2.0 x1 connectors, i have plugged two IEEE1394 controller cards.
      These firewire ports are used for two MOTU ULTRALITE soundcards.
      Since i have updated the bios from version 032 to 043, I noticed a significant decrease in performance on PCI express bus.
      The system regularly loses communication with the firewire devices. They suddenly disappear and i must to restart them.
      I did not have this problem before the bios update.

      Can you help me?
      By the way, how to downgrade to the 032 bios version ?


      Thank you for your support.
      Best regards.