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    W7 Intel Rapid Storage HotSwap issue

    Grant Dee

      Ok, i have a new computer - Intel Sandybridge 2600 CPU, Gigabyte Ga-P67A-UD5-B3 MB, 8G Corsiar Ram, Dark Fleet 85 case with hotswap SATA connector in the top. I use Intel software - Intel Rapid storage (IRS) to control my 1 internal SSD (c:), 1 internal HDD (e:). and hotswap drives. Now my computer is working perfectly except in one procedure. If I slip in a 3.5" HDD drive into the hotswap bay, use it (back up files), then remove it, IRS recognises the drives addition and removal but when I go to turn off my computer, W7 does not shut down. It sits forever in the "shutting down" screen. But this only happens if I use a hotswap drive with IRS. I need to reboot the computer.


      Question - Is IRS not communicating with W7 regarding the removal of the drive? (I suspect W7 is trying to connect to the hotswap drive??)


      Software installed:


      Windows 7 - latest version with all updates

      Intel Rapid Storage -


      Any help ?