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    OROM Update for X79 C600 Sata Controller - Intel Rapid Storage Enterprise




      Have just brought an Alienware Aurora R4 i7 3930k. With this I have 2 x 256GB OCZ Vertex 4's


      I had planned on running these at RAID 0, but due to no TRIM support I have now broken the RAID and running them as single disks. Shame as I really wanted RAID 0 on them.... should have done my research before I brought the extra SSD!! Live and learn.


      Running latest BIOS update from Dell which does not include any OROM update for the SATA controller.. tried downloading latest Intel Rapid Storage Drivers, 11.6 but it will not install stating "this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software" This is on my Dell factory Windows 7 64bit image.


      My benchmarks are currently rubbish for my SSD, I get better speeds with the SSD is in a new Dell laptop... not what I expected from an expensive Dell Alienware..


      Can the OROM be upgraded at all? Will it support TRIM in RAID 0? Will I get better read and write speeds?


      Any thoughts....please?