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    Intel 520 SSD (180GB) - Blue screen when waking from sleep state if ATA password set in BIOS.


      I've just installed a new Intel 520 SSD (180GB) into a HP 6730b notebook running Windows 7 Professional SP1 (32 bit).

      The system works fine when there is no ATA password set in the BIOS. However I wish to take advantage of the encryption feature, so have set a ATA master and user password (in the BIOS). Problem is that setting the ATA password causes the system to blue screen (STOP 0xF4) when waking from a sleep state.

      I've tried IRST and the LPM registry patch found in another thread, but that didn't help. Any other ideas?


      Updated 2012/10/08: Just tried Windows 8 Release Preview (32 bit) with latest IRST drivers. Problem persists (does not properly resume from sleep if ATA password set).