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    Intel vPRO AMT Events


      Hello.  I'm new to the forums and wanted to see if someone could help.


      I work for an IT consulting firm running an RMM tool.  We monitor all AMT events on vPRO-enabled PCs but lately, we're getting loads of events that are not important for us to monitor.  Below are some that we find unnecessary to get alerted on:


      Watchdog 2 Timer expired, status only (no action, no interrupt)

      System Firmware Progress : Starting Operating System Boot Process

      Critical ones that pertain to fans, voltage, bluescreens, etc. are all really helpful to watch for.  But unfortunately, we cannot seem to find a published list of all AMT events.  I was wondering, are there are any whitepapers or any resources that might help to list the exact event verbiage of every AMT event so that we can filter our RMM alerting?  Otherwise, we get system boot events mixed in with bluescreens or unrecoverable video controller errors.  It'd be nice to filter out the low-level events in order to be alerted on only the critical ones.

      Can anyone assist?  Thanks in advance!