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    DQ77MK network problems when both NIC's enabled in BIOS

    Valtteri Kiviniemi



      I have Intel DQ77MK motherboard with latest BIOS installed. When I enable the secodary LAN port on BIOS I will get high latency and packet loss problems. I'm using Linux and I have already compiled the lates kernel (3.6.0) which should have the latest e1000 driver. Symptoms of the problem are the following:


      - Enable secondary LAN on bios

      - Boot to OS

      - Ping IP-address assigned on the secondary LAN

      - At first everything will look ok, but after a while the ping starts to climb to 1000ms and packets starts to get dropped. The problem will also get worst by time and after a couple of hours the connection will become totally unusable.


      I'am also using Intel AMT which is running on the other LAN-port, and also that LAN-port starts lagging when both of the LAN ports are enabled. When only using one LAN-port (intel AMT and normal network connection on the same port) there is no problems at all. I suspect that this might be some IRQ or BIOS related problem and not a driver problem, since when I ping the IP-address that has been assigned to the Intel AMT it will also so high latencies, and that Intel AMT port has nothing to do with Linux or its drivers.


      Intel: Could you please investigate this issue and see if you can reproduce the symptoms? Or do you ahve any ideas what could cause this?