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    IRST WHQL - Buggy stutter sound cut outs


      My system has been working fine for over a year now playing the latest games just fine but after installing this latest software it went to pot!... I was getting sound cutting out and everytime that happened i'd also get a stutter, it was happening to everything games/music. I tried everything to get it working thinking it was not related i changed the sound card driver ,graphics card driver,chipset,ssd firmware updating,pagefile,overclock checking down to defaults, temp checks and virus checks. By chance i searched another post with people having issues with this latest IRST driver and last year someone else having sound cut outs and stuttering with an IRST related issue.


      Was worth a shot so i removed my ssd cache, went into safe mode and installed which was my previous driver and sure enough everything is back to normal NO stuttering and NO sound cut outs.


      Was this latest driver ever tested?


      2500K 4.7GHZ,Z68XP-UD3P,HyperX 8GB, 560Ti OC,Samsung 1TB+SSD CACHE,Win 764