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    USB 3.0 support for  Win XP64/2003 on Series 7/C216 chipset



      Is there any chance to get USB 3.0 support for Windows XP 64bit edition?


      I have a brand new HP workstation that I thought is fully XP64 supported but after installing and getting everything to work I realized that one thing does not work - the USB 3.0 speed. The ports do work (as 2.0), I guess the Intel Chipset Utility installed a null driver or something. Device manager has no yellow exclamations but also no mentioning of USB 3.0.


      Trying to install the Intel USB 3.0 driver results in "not a supported operating system" - they only mention Win7 in their release notes.


      What is Intel's position on this issue, does Intel intend to make drivers available for their USB 3.0 and XP64?


      if not, is there any unsupported way to get the Win7 drivers to install?