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    BIOS error "Major - 146 - PCI out of resource" on S2600GZ




      I've recently installed a PCIe card that needs 8 GB of BAR2 memory space.

      My system seems to be unable to provide the card with those resources (computer boots directly in bios with error "Major - 146 - PCI out of resource").

      I've enabled "Memory Mapped I/O above 4GB" and tried toggling "Maximize Memory below 4GB" but to no avail.


      I know the card works since it boots on my Desktop Xeon machine (Precision WorkStation T3500).

      Also, the card boots on the S2600GZ when I reduce the BAR2 size.


      In my case, I need the whole 8 GB.

      Is there a way to get this to work?



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          Dear pavelz,




          Change the bios settings of Memory Mapping.


          Go to BIOS => Advanced => PCI Configuration =>


          Maximize Memory below 4GB   Disabled

          Memory Mapped I/O above 4 GB Enabled

          Memory Mapped I/O Size <select the card required amount of memory mapping in GB>


          I hope this settings will solve your problem.


          with regards,


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            Dear Raja,


            Thanks for the clarifications!

            I had to update my BIOS to the latest version to get the Memory Mapped I/O Size option.

            This solved my problem.


            However, I've got another problem now, and I was wondering if you could help.

            Is there a way to make the system boot even if there are not enough resources for one of the devices, i.e. disregard error 146?

            What happened is that during a test, I set a large chunk of memory (8Gb) as non-prefetchable for a device. Now looking at PCI specs, I see that non-prefetchable memory is limited to 32-bit. I need to boot in my system in order to revert those changes.


            Thanks in advance,