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    usb controllers on dn28000mt motherboard


      Hi all,

      I want to buy a dn2800mt motherboard. but I need to know how many different USB CONTROLLERS (not PORTS) are on it.

      The nm10 datasheet talks about 4 controllers (and 8 ports). but it's the datasheet of the chipset, the motherboard could have differences.




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          In addition to the USB 2.0 controllers and ports provided by the NM10 chipset, the DN2800MT board also utilizes a 4-port USB 2.0 Hub Controller (AU6256). Here's a breakdown of port usage:


               NM10-0          Full-Length mPCIe

               NM10-1          Half-Length mPCIe

               NM10-2          Rear Panel Black

               NM10-3          Rear Panel Black

               NM10-4          Rear Panel Yellow

               NM10-5          Rear Panel Yellow

               NM10-6          N/C

               NM10-7          AU6256

               AU6256-0       Front Panel 1

               AU6256-1       Front Panel 1

               AU6256-2       Front Panel 2

               AU6256-3       Front Panel 2



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            Everest 5.50 on DN2800MT shows these USB devices:


            The same devices with expanded view: