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    Intel dh61ag with LVDS display



      I have motherboard Intel dh61ag with unlocked LVDS settings and I have LCD display with 800x480 resolution without EDID supoort. I could not find this resoultion in LVDS mothertboard's settings (custom resolution settings), but I saw "Reserved*" fileds. Can I enable or set 800x480 resolution to LVDS on this motherboard? May be in future this motherboard will support this resoultion?



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          Hello Roman,

          Different panels have different timing specfications, even in cases where the resulting screen resolution is the same.  You will need the 128-byte EDID data for the panel at hand (or at least its 18-byte DTD), which the BIOS can use for properly driving such display.  If you cannot acquire such data from the panel vendor/distributor, one alternative is to extract the information from another system where the panel might be in use (using 3rd party utilities).

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            Hello, mr.thin-mitx

            Thanks for your answer!

            I will try it. But how can I upload (reflash) this EDID or DTD block to my dh61ag BIOS?


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              Thanks for your reply again! I did it!!! I extract edid for my LCD panel with 3rd part app and set "custom edid payload" in bios, point my usb storfage device with 128 bytes edid file length. And I saw windows 7 in 800x480 resolution.

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                Fantastic - and thank you for posting your results back on the thread.

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                  Useful info, thanks.  The DH61AG documentation says that it only supports 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz resolution.  Can it actually support more if you flash the bios with the relevant file?

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                    Dear Roman,

                    I'm having a similar problem with the same motherboard.

                    I'm able to make my LVDS monitor work but I need to use a custom EDID in order to fix some minor problems.

                    Can you please share how did you manage to load the EDID into BIOS?


                    When I set use custom payload in VLDS BIOS configuration I have no way to "point" to an USB key.

                    I checked with ITK but I didn't find any option for adding this information.


                    Thanks in advance for any support.


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                      You must provide .bin file for BIOS. I was using phoenix app for these needs (grab EDID).

                      1. Power down board

                      2. Insert USB key with .bin file (RAW data in file - binary format, not ascii, 128 bytes length)

                      3. Power on board

                      4. Go to BOIS and select LVDS settings

                      5. Point custom EDID payload and point your bin file.

                      6. Enjoy!

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                        Hello, I'm Marek from Poland (Europe) and I speak english a little bit, then sorry for any wrong translations :-)


                        I have the DN2800MT motherboard and a AT070TN90 LCD display with a RGB<->LVDS converter. I want to drive the screen direct from the mainboard using the LVDS output but the problem is that the screen has a 800x480 resolution and in BIOS is only 640x480 or 800x600 resolution. I searched everywhere for a EDID data file for the screen that I can use  with the "custom edid payload" but nothing found. I have also searched vor any aps where i can do the file in ".bin" format but also nothing found.


                        The phoenix app has an output file in ".dat" format and I need ".bin" to use in the mainboard bios. I have also instaled the DTD Calculator but I have no idea what i should do by the app...


                        Can someone help me to make the file???


                        Pleeeeaseee :-)

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                          Mareks6, I suggest you to open a new thread, since your question is regarding a different product.