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    Use of NC-SI on the Intel i350-AM2


      Hi. A couple of questions about the use of NC-SI on the Intel i350.


      a) Is it possible to use the same MAC address filter on both LAN channels for NC-SI, so that packets from either LAN channel with that MAC address can be sent to the MC? The  TX on one of the LAN channels will be disabled, so that only one channel is active for TX at given time; failover will be used to switch the active channel.

      b) Is there a development board from Intel (or someone else) that can be used to test NC-SI operation? 


      Thanks -- Atif

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          Yes what you are asking is possible.  In fact that is the algorithm I have in the datasheet for the device as a recommendation for failover.


          There are NIC Reference Boards (NRB) available - please contact your Intel Field representative to begin the process of obtaining one of these.