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    RS2WC080 SAS and SATA



      I have a server with Intel S5520HCR board, raid raid controller and AXX6DRV3GR raid enclosure. There is an SSD connected directly to onboard controller with OS installed. 2 SAS disks (Hitachi Ultrastar HUS156030VLS600, they are in RAID 1) and 1 SATA WD1003FBYX are in enclosure connected to raid controller. OS is Win2008R2 Hyper-V with 2 VMs.


      When copying large (100-500Gb) files from RAID array to SATA disk in host OS, everything is OK, but when I try to do this in VMs they crash with hardware error. However, when I connect SATA disk directly to MB, copying in VMs works perfectly. I already disabled NCQ cause Windows showed copying error when it was enabled.


      Firmware is updated, all components are shown as compatible. Any help would be appreciated.