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    Windows 8 Drivers for Intel DX48BT2 Motherboard




      I remember before Windows 7 was released Intel had a statement of intent regarding driver support for the OS splashed all over their site before release.


      There appears to be very little information regarding plans for support for Windows 8 drivers.


      I am particularly interested in obtaining the latest drivers for the DX48BT2 motherboard.


      I am particularly after 64-bit drivers for the following hardware:


      • DX48BT2 motherboard chipset

      • intel 82566DC-2 gigabit network connection

      • perhaps uptodate sata drivers if chipset driver doesn't include them.


      Your help would be appreciated.


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          Just to mention:


          1. Chipset devices support is already integrated into Windows 7&8 distro (via machine.inf program)

          2. Network is some pain... although 82566DC-2 also supported by built-in W8 drivers. Right now Intel PROLAN driver pack do not have NDIS6.3 driver for 82566 family, but contains NDIS6.2 (W7 drivers) while officially 82566 support stopped at Vista (NDIS6) level, so drivers may slightly appear inside the pack in future versions.

          3. W8 Microsoft AHCI driver have all features needed except migration to RAID. ICH-9R RAID setups supported by built-in drivers.