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    Can I boot from the PCI slot on D201GLY board?


      If I install a PCI expansion card into my D201GLY that has SATA ports, can I attach a hard drive to those ports and use it as my boot drive?


      I don't have the PCI card yet and don't want to spend the money buying one if there is no way to boot from it.



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          Hello Adam,


          I understand that you are looking to use a PCI SATA controller card to connect and boot for another hard drive.

          In regards to your inquire, Intel(R) does not validate the usage of controller cards on the desktop motherboards, we have tested and notice that some will work but will depend on the brand, model and the Intel(R) motherboard that you are using. As those cards are not validated there is no list that can be provided, you will need to test one and see if it works.