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    i5-2500K not seeing 4 DIMMs worth of memory


      Hey folks,


      I recently ordered an i5-2500k and a new ASUS motherboard. I got it all hooked up and turned out that the PC would not POST with 4 DIMMS worth of memory in. I immediately figured this was a MoBo issue and replaced it with an MSI Z77A-GD65. Upon hooking everything up, I found the same issue to be prevalent.


      So, thanks to my stubbornness, I look up compatiable RAM and sure enough, mine is not listed as compatible. So, I pick 16 GB of RAM that is compatible  install all 4 DIMMS and I still cannot POST. I can post with 2 DIMMS (8GB) fine.


      I contacted MSI who told me that it was because there was a bent pin on my processor. I unseated the thing and checked it out and it looks clean as a whistle. MSI will no longer offer any support. This thing is less than a month old. I'm at a loss here and was hoping someone in the Intel community might be able to steer me in the right direction.


      PC Specs:


      i3 2500k

      MSI Z77a-GD65 Motherboard

      gSkill F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL RAM

      800 Watt Corsair PSU

      EVGA 570