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    i7-950 running really hot?

    Richard Deppisch

      Hi everyone,


      I have a i7-950 @ 3.06 GHz being cooled by a Zalman CNPS9500. I use a gigabyte x58-UD3R Rev 2.0 mobo.  When I am idling I am getting core temperatures around 67, which for idle is very hot. I have reseated my heatsink several times in hopes of it just being a bad connection. Sadly, I have temperatures around this high no matter what I do it seems.  I am not overclocking at all. When I play some games it reaches 100C and starts throttling down. This pretty much ruins any gaming that I am doing and renders it useless. Worse yet, it has gotten to the point where the heat from my CPU has started crashing my graphics cards ( two GTS 550 ti's in SLi) when I play. They are reaching temps of 80C and 60C respectively. This being said, I had also purchised the CPU with the mindset of overclocking it to make it last longer, but there is no way that will happen at these temperatures.  It's not incredibly cool in my apartment, but it is about 80F. I do not know what else to do. My only thoughts were to either my mobo and processor and get a newer generation in hopes that it runs cooler or buy water-cooling   I do not think my case (LianLi PC-k7B) can support water cooling so that would force me to buy a new case and a water cooling system. I have already bought more high powered case fans and am running those which only seemed to help around 3 degrees. Everywhere I turn to try and fix this appears to cost a lot of money. Is there anything you guys can think of that might save my computer? Honestly I am losing hope.