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    SHA512 message digest for BIOS updates


      Dear Intel,

      It would be very helpful, much more secure, and most appreciated if Intel posted the SHA512 message digest for BIOS updates on the download page. Though Linux users generally have the sha512sum application built-in to compute and check the SHA512 message digest, Windows users could download a small application, along with it's SHA512 message digest posted, from you to check their downloads.

      Aside from security, knowing for certain that the download file's integrity is verified is certainly more sensible BEFORE starting a BIOS update, especially when you can't afford to corrupt the installed BIOS and take the machine out of service while the desktop board is sent back to Intel to re-flash the BIOS.

      I specifically purchased, made some feature compromises, and paid a premium price, by purchasing an Intel Desktop Board and Intel processor for my self-built Linux system, mostly in the hope that the BIOS would be more secure. That may be true for what came from the factory. I'd also like to see it true for any BIOS updates I make. Without a message digest to verify the BIOS download file, I'm reluctant to update my BIOS, even when I think an update may solve a minor problem I'm having.

      As for the Intel products I purchased, after nearly a year of use, I'm pleased, in fact, I've purchased more.

      Many thanks!