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    INTEL D975XBX2KR will not boot with all four memory slots filled - gets 3-beep error.



      I have a D975XBX2kr that has 4 identical memory modules, Kingston HyperX 4GB 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 Model KH6400D2K2/4G.

      All the memory slots were filled and the computer was running fine. Then one day I heard 3 beeps when booting.

      Here is what I discovered:

      If I take two of the DIMMs out of the blue slots, the computer will boot. (2 Memory DIMMS in the black slots.

      If I leave three DIMMS two in the black, one in the blue, the computer will boot.

      If I try to boot with all four DIMMS installed, I get three beeps.

      I have cycled all the DIMMS though the black slots - no errors.

      Can someone tell me what happened that would cause three beeps to suddenly appear?

      Does anyone have any testing ideas?

      thank you,

      Todd Lastthree