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    Core i5 3450 4th core temperature higher than other 3


      Hi, I have an intel core i5 3450 processor with an asrock b75 pro3-m motherboard, the case is a xigmatek asgard pro with 5 fans.

      I've started using the processor with it's default fan, and the temperature of the 4th core was always higher, than the other 3 (not overall cpu temperature!).

      It was about 10-12 degrees higher, than the other cores.


      I have changed the cpu fan today to a xigmatek loki, now the idle temp is 18-20 for the first 3 cores, and 37 for the 4th one.


      Here are some pics:


      1. Default fan idle:



      2. Dafault fan load




      3. Xigmatek loki idle



      4. Xigmatek loki load




      So, my question is, that is it normal, that the 4th core's temperature is always higher than the other 3?