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    RAID problem with S2600GL

    John Carlson

      I am trying to configure a server using a S2600GL motherboard with a RAID 5. The board came as part of a R1208GL4DS server system and has a RKSATA8 RAID key installed. I have 4 drives installed and I am able to create a RAID 5 array in the BIOS.  (using AHCI RSTe) I boot Windows Server 2008 R2 and proceed to the drive screen, load the driver I downloaded from the website and the system never sees the drive to install to. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          I suppose you downloaded the following driver:



          When installing the OS, make sure you select the driver from the Drivers\x64\SCU folder.


          Is your RAID volume larger than 2TB?

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            John Carlson

            I did download the driver you referenced and I was not clear on which driver to use so, you have clarified that for me. Also, the RAID volume is only 160GB.


            When I use the driver from the SCU folder, I do see the Disk as unallocated but, when I try to install to it I get an error message:


            "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the Setup log files for more information."


            Before I hit send on the above information, I found the answer. I was installing the drivers from a USB key and I had to install it before hitting next. I had actually tried this driver earlier but the above error message made me think it was not correct.


            I already marked your answer as "helpful" and I am going to try to undo that and mark it "correct". Thank you very much for your help!