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    RT3WB080 and e-mail alerting

    Luke Sipple

      Hello everyone.  First post here. 



      Recently set up a RT3WB080 RAID controller on a new backup server.  We have 8 consumer SSD disks tied into it.  Working flawlessly so far, (despite how crazy hot this chip runs).  My question is on the e-mail alerting functionality.  Am I missing something or is it very vanilla and unconfigurable?  I cannot set up ports or TLS authentication.  We use Office365 for our cloud e-mail hosting and it requires TLS for everything.  Does this mean I will never be able to e-mail alert or is there an update or a CLI option?  I feel the need to monitor the chip and it's array because they are an off brand consumer SSD.



      thanks for any info!


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          Are you using the Intel ® RAID Web Console 2 Client Only Installation?


          RAID Web Console 2 Client Only Installation on the Client system doesn't support configuring email/alerting settings on local system.


          On the management PC use Complete Installation of RAID Web Console 2 instead of Client Only.



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            The RAID Web Console 2 has extremely limited configuration options. If you have this chip installed in a server running Windows Server operating system, you can set up a local SMTP relay on the server, and point the RWC2 to the local server for mail delivery. That's how I have mine set up on Windows Server 2008 R2. Let me know if you don't know how to do this.

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