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    Chipset stepping confusion


      Hi All,


      I was trying to identify my HM65 chipset if it's affected or not, but found it has TWO steppings.
      At first, I checked it through software method(Device Manager). It showed the stepping was REV_04.
      The machine was then sent to the Fujitsu authorized center for further checks. They told me the chipset was SLJ4P, and sent me this photo.
      They also confirmed that the chipset has a 04h stepping register bit, and saying it may be Intel's fault to cause this result.
      Can anybody tell me what happened to my computer?

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          Intel has already fixed this problem by replacing every defective chip set with a Rev B3

          Try the following steps to identify if the computer comes with B2 or B3.


          Right click on My computer

          Hit Properties

          Go to device manager

          And expand Universal Serial Bus

          Locate Intel(R) 6 series/c200 series Family USB enhanced Host controller

          Right click and properties

          Details Tab

          Hardware ID

          If hardware ID ends in 04, the system is using B2.

          If hardware ID ends in 05, the system is using B3


          Please bear in mind the problem was identified only with B2 chipset revisions.

          If you find B2 chipset revision, you need to contact your computer manufacturer for further actions.



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            Hi allan,


            Sorry for the dead photos.


            I did contact with my manufacturer because I identified my chipset was B2 by using the method you provided.

            The revision number reads from the firmware CONFLICTS the one printed on the chipset die.

            However, my manufacturer said that the chipset is a B3 one, and refused to replace it.

            They also told me the conflicted rev number was caused by Intel because of a wrong firmware.


            Therefore, I want to hear the answer from INTEL, not my manufacturer.


            Device Manager: http://i.minus.com/ib0RJgJAd1aGev.png

            Chipset: http://i.minus.com/jbdxmqoVqzYmDx.JPG



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              Does anyone here?