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    S1200KPR BIOS Recovery


      S1200KPR, E3-1225v2, 520SSD, 4G ECC Certified DIMMS.  (One of 18 identical systems)


      System will not boot after BIOS reflashed with custom settings.  The flashed BIOS may have introduced a problem and in order to recover the system was unplugged, BIOS the Recovery jumper was removed, powered up for a few minutes, powered down, and jumper restored.  But the system does not display any BIOS info and does not boot.


      Curiously, with the jumper removed, power on results in a fan twitch every 2-3 seconds for 2 minutes, after which time the fan runs up to full speed and stays there with a triple beep alert.  But no display.


      The manual (http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/s1200bt/sb/480922_g39481_002_s1200kp_productguide_r1_1.pdf) is not clear regarding what >should< happen when the recovery jumper is removed.


      Any advise about how or if this can be restored?