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    toshiba a35-159 satellite laptop

      welcome wont let me signin/login to my laptop

      how do i reinstall windows without losing data files

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          You might try contacting Microsoft* support or Toshiba* support. I'd try Microsoft first to see if they have a way to get you into your system without having to reinstall anything. If you simply reinstall the operating system, (if you have a copy of the OS and the CD key) you should not lose any data files (any files or pictures you have created and saved). You will have to reinstall all programs (applications), but the data you had before should still be there. On the other hand, if you format or refomat the the drive first before reinstalling the OS, then you will have lost all of your data. Also, if you use some sort of OS image restore CD from the laptop manufacturer for example, you will probably lose all your data as well (but there should be a warning messing to that effect before you proceed).


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