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    Compatible Motherboards for i7-3770T

    Michael Smith

      I have recently had three communications via Intel chat trying to determine
      if the i7-337t is compatible with my DH67GD motherboard. The Intel® H67 Express
      Chipset is listed as being a compatible chipset. I have been told is not
      compatible despite the i7-3770S, i73770K and i7-3770 being listed by Intel as
      compatible. When I asked which Intel motherboards it was compatible with I was
      told "none", Intel don't make a compatible motherboard. I could not
      believe this so I went through all their 1155 socket boards for compatibility,
      not one lists the i7-3770T


      When I asked if there was a manufacturer that did, I was told. "that's
      something you will have to find out yourself". I am stunned, but not
      surprised that Intel continues to live up to it's expected level of customer


      Does anyone know of a board that is compatible. I want to replace the
      current board in my Media Centre, the basics I want micro ATX format and HDMI









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          Hello Michael,


          Based on our investigations, it seems that at the moment there are no compatible Intel motherboards with the processor core i7-3770T. This is not very usual from Intel side; however, the reason of this situation is that the specific processor is meant to be used by OEM companies only.


          You can find this information on the specifications where it says “Recommended Customer Price: Tray”. This means that is just intended for OEM companies so far.


          If you would like to see the information, you may visit the following link:




          You may also have the possibility to contact other motherboard manufacturers in order to confirm if they have or not any compatible motherboard with this processor.

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            Michael Smith

            Hello Kevin,


            So I have to go to a Asus or Gigabyte motherboard (they have compatible boards) if I want to use this processor?


            The i7-3770T CPU page says it compatible with the H67 chipset that my board runs.  What would I risk if I put the CPU in my board?




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              Hello Michael,


              When I wrote OEM I meant to say Original Equipment Manufacture such us DELL, HP, Toshiba etc…


              Intel provides the chipset to the OEM companies and they create their own systems, so there is a chance that the processor you have may not be compatible. You may to contact other motherboard manufacturers for further information about compatibility.


              It is very important as well for you to know that this processor is not supposed to be sold separately but instead in a pre-built system and therefore not in an end user hands.


              If you use the processor in your motherboard without knowing if those components are compatible, you may damage the motherboard or the processor. Sometimes simply does not work.

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                Michael Smith

                Hello Kevin,


                Thanks for the clarification on OEM.


                As a comment only;


                I have looked at four other motherboard manufacturers and those motherboards with the Intel® B75, H61, H67, H77, P67, Q75, Q77, Z68, Z75 and Z77 Express Chipset all say that the i7-3770T is compatible.


                I can't believe that the Intel boards with the chipsets above would not be compatible.  In my view I think the CPU might work in my board and it's Intel's marketing strategy at present not to sell to end users for commercial reasons, I can understand that.


                I understand that the i7-3770T is not supposed to be sold separately and therefore not available at my corner computer shop. It is sold separately though and I can buy on line, all given at an inflated price.


                I just have to decide if I want to experiment and give it a try!!!






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                  have you test the i7-3770T on an intel board ?