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    X86 Generic board for Embedded Development with VT (KVM) support




      I want to by an x86 generic Embedded development board which supports the VT technology (KVM).

      and also I want to run the Linux-2.6.27 Open source kernel on the x86 board with Virtualization feature enabled.


      Can anybody suggest me what are the list of development boards available from Intel with VT as supported feature?


      I saw some of the discussion and boards over here, From the links



      Intel Desktop Boards, these have VT-d support enabled:
                      Intel DQ35JO
                      Intel DQ35MP
                      Intel DX38BT
                      Intel DX48BT2
                      Intel DQ45CB (BIOS 0061 required, previous versions are known to cause problems)
                      Intel DQ45EK
                      Intel DX58SO




      Please, help me to select the best x86 Generic development board with VT support...-:)



      -Naresh Bhat