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    3 Beeps With Intel DH77EB - Incompatibility with 1600mhz??




      i purchase a i5 3550, intel DH77EB and a Corsair CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10, with two 8GB memories with 1600Mhz...

      i can't do these memories work on the computer. This processor is a 3rd generation one so this should work

      When I try to turn on, the 3 beeps sounds. And i know that the memories are work fine on others PC's


      I updated the BIOS to the last version, today. I saw something about XMP, about configure it(sry but I'm a totally noob),

      but I don't find these anymore in these new BIOS. The strange is that I put, together with these two, another memory,

      by Kingston of 4Gb and 1333Mhz, ALL memories, totalizing 20GB, works, so this sounds problem about the compatibility

      of the motherboard and the 1600mhz memory.


      I search for all the forum but dont find any situation like that


      Anyone can help me?


      many thanks in advance