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    DZ68DB Motherboard USB Keyboard works for BIOS, but not installing Windows


      KeyWe are currently building a system with a DZ68DB motherboard and an I3 processor with BIOS version 40.  2 sticks of Kingston Memory @ 2GB each for a total of 4 GB.  SATA hard drive plugged into port 0 and a SATA DVD burner plugged into port 1.  We are able to use the F2 button to go into the BIOS and make adjustments, but when we reboot and start installing windows it won't let us press "ENTER" to continue the installation.  The lights on the keyboard go out and when you press either the CAPS lock or the NUM lock, the lights don't display.  This happens in mulitple USB ports on the system, including rear and front connect ports.


      Any ideas?