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    Disable QST on DG965WH Motherboard


      I'm not particularly fond of the Intel QST variable fan speed system on my Intel DG965WH board. There is nothing in BIOS to shut off QST so I could get the fan to run at full speed. Max speed on my fan is 2800 rpm and just sitting doing nothing it runs about 500-800 rpm. I would rather it just run full blast all the time. The only time I have ever seen the fan run maximum is during a stress test on the CPU.

      The only thing in BIOS for fan control is: Aggressive, Normal, Slow.  That its.  Damping: High, Normal.  

      The heatsink fan is a 4 pin connector straight to the motherboard.

      Anyone have any ideas on how to shut off Intel QST or some way to give the fan full power all the time.

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