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    Dual core vs. Quad core


      Two dual core or one quad core ?

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          It depends...

          Ok, that was kind of an obvious answer, but there are truly a myriad of variables to consider.  I actually get this question pretty frequently. For current Intel server products, if everything else is equal you might get slightly better performance with two 2-core processors.

          I checked for a good level comparison, but couldn’t find the ideal combination of plaforms,  and configurations.


          Looking at TPC.org for TPCC results I found the following:

                                  1 socket, 4 core, 5355 based system scored 145K

                                  2 socket, 2 core, 5160 based system scored 169K

                                  i.e. 2 socket solution was only about 16% better

          You will need to look at what is your best solution for now and future.


          With a move to integrated memory controllers in the next generation processor, a single processor will reduce the number of memory slots available, and therefore change the calculation.